family documentary

day in the life

You do what you do best……..enjoying your family, having fun, and just being you.

So I can do what I do best………capturing your family life as it unfolds in all its beauty and chaos.

No posing, no uncomfortable smiles, no instructions, no interference.

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“I still watch the photos regularly and every time I look at them it is with tremendous pleasure, wonder, pride, gratitude, and tears in my eyes. The reportage is one of my most precious possessions.”

Britt and Dimitri

Short Family Documentary

You can book a short family session for 1, 2, or 3 hours. We will meet at your home or we can go somewhere.

It’s best to plan an activity you and your family love to do so you can relax and have fun together.

This gives me the opportunity to capture those genuine and happy moments.

Day in the Life Session

This is your life…in a day. Packed with daily moments. Genuine, funny, intimate, and let’s face it sometimes chaotic.

During a Day in the Life session, I am part of your family for half a day or a full day to capture your day as it unfolds.

You and your family can do whatever you feel like….from staring out of the window to dressing up as princesses, from walking along the Tagus to playing games.

It is your day and all moments are precious.

Together they make up the story of your life in a day.

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