I’m a Lisbon-based multi-passionate photographer looking forward to capturing the meaningful moments of your life, the visuals for your brand, or the story of your NGO.

Since my graduation as a photographer, I’ve been telling stories of the unicity, strength, and beauty of humans all over the planet.

I’m dedicated to documenting the unscripted life as it unfolds in front of my lens in all its beauty and chaos.

I’ve worked with (online) magazines, artists, companies, entrepreneurs, and families. I also worked as a documentary photographer for several NGO’s.

When you decide to work with me you’ll get access to my years of experience telling visual stories, my technical know-how, and my unique vision.

Browse through my work and reach out to me for a quote if you think we’re a good fit. You’ll find a contact form at the bottom of the page.

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I believe the world needs more authentic and open-hearted photographers who fearlessly express their souls through their lenses.

That’s why I’m making my vision, skill, and experience available for mentoring students.

The goal of our mentoring sessions is for you to become an intentional photographer empowered with the technical and visionary tools to express him- or herself.

No matter your entry-level you’ll be challenged to think more in-depth about your why. Because reflecting on your photos is the best way to become an intentional photographer.

For more information and a personalized quote depending on your needs please reach out to me.